Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NumberGarage FORWARD service?

    After you create a NumberGarage account we move your phone number to our platform. From there, the NumberGarage system forwards incoming calls to your cell phone or other U.S. based phone number of your choice.

    Will I be charged usage minutes on my FORWARD calls?

    All forwarding plans have a $.03 cents per minute overage fee. To learn more about how many minutes are included with each plan, you can view our pricing matrix here

    Can I send fax calls to my "Forward To" number?

    NumberGarage can FORWARD fax or data the same way we forward phone calls.

    What number will show on my caller I.D. when my NumberGarage number is called?

    Your caller I.D. will show the phone number of the incoming caller.

    How do I change my "Forward To" number?

    Login to your NumberGarage account and change it anytime!

  • What happens when someone calls my "Parked" number?

    When you transfer your active number to NumberGarage, we store it in our Garage. This allows you to maintain ownership of your phone number for later use. While in PARK, your callers will hear our service message.

    Why would I PARK my phone number?

    Do you want to keep your phone number but don't need to receieve incoming calls on that line right now? If your answer is yes, our Park service is perfect for you! It allows you to maintain ownership of your phone number for future use without the expense of a full-service provider.

  • Who owns my telephone number?

    You do! By transferring your active number from your current provider to NumberGarage, you can maintain ownership of your phone number for life. Once your number is active with NumberGarage, either Park it in our Garage or Forward it to another active number. You can also port back out to a full-service carrier anytime! 

    Do I cancel my existing telephone service?

    NOT YET!  The service you are moving away from will be cancelled after your phone number is pulled into the Garage. We will notify you when this happens. Your number must remain active until the transfer of your phone number is complete. The transfer takes 7-10 business days and a member of our customer service team will keep you updated every step of the way. Once the transfer completes, we recommend you call your provider you have moved away from to confirm your account has been closed with them.  

    What if I cancel my telephone service before I signup with NumberGarage?

    To successfully port your phone number, we must have a telephone number that still has active service. If you've already dropped your phone service provider or if the number is scheduled for cancellation, we cannot transfer it to our platform. 

    Can I store more than one number with you guys?

    Absolutely! You can port as many phone numbers as you want and manage them all within a single NumberGarage account. 

    What about fax numbers from

    We really enjoy the service too. Unfortunately, we are unable to port those fax numbers at this time.

    Can you port numbers in Alaska or Hawaii?

    Yes! We can service phone numbers in ALL 50 States as well as Canada (However, at this time we we are only porting Canadian phone numbers for those who live in the United States and can prove their address). 

    Do I need an internet connection for my NumberGarage number to work?

    Nope. We've got you covered!

    The phone bill you requested is from two months ago - is that OK to send?

    No. We must have your most recent phone bill (meaning that the dates must be within the current billing cycle). We require a phone bill because it serves as proof that you are the legal owner of the phone number. If you cannot provide a phone bill, we cannot port your phone number to NumberGarage. Please note, you can have an outstanding balance on the provided phone bill.

    What is my NumberGarage account number?

    Your NumberGarage account number is your phone number PLUS four (4) zeros and a one, “-00001” added to the end. For example, if your phone number is (012) 345-6789, your NumberGarage account number will be (012) 345-6789-00001. No PIN number necessary because we do not use PINs at this time.

    Are text messages forwarded too?

    Yes. You must forward calls to a cell phone where SMS / text messages can be received. You will receive the text message sent to your NumberGarage number with your NumberGarage number listed before the message so you know which number was sent the text message. 

    What if I already canceled my service but still want to keep my old number?

    Call your old provider ASAP! Hurry! If you’ve canceled your service recently, they may be able to track your number down and return it to you. If it's been a while since you cancelled service, you might be out of luck.

    I want to start using my number again. How do I leave NumberGarage?

    When you’re ready to leave NumberGarage, simply pick a new provider and tell them which phone number you’d like to transfer (or port) over. From there, they’ll contact NumberGarage to complete the transfer. Once you’ve started using your phone number again with the new service provider, just login and cancel your NumberGarage account.

    PLEASE NOTE: You need to allow for a few days for the port-out to your new provider to complete.  Porting out of NumberGarage can be quick depending on where you port-out to. It is best to ensure your new provider can service your number, and it would be best to determine how long the port away from NumberGarage will take. 

    I don't need this phone number anymore. What should I do?

    If you no longer want to PARK your number or FORWARD your calls, simply cancel your account with us. Just remember, once you’ve canceled your account without porting away to a new service provider, your old phone number is gone for good.

    What's in the Contract?

    With NumberGarage, there is no contract! Our services are month-to-month and you can leave NumberGarage anytime with no penalties or early termination fees.

    Why do you need my phone bill? Can't I just tell you my phone number?

    We must have your most recent phone bill to confirm ownership of the number we're porting in. If the number belongs to someone else, they'll have to set up their own NumberGarage account. Please note, we must have the official phone bill from your provider and cannot accept photos or printouts.

    I use a prepaid cell phone, so I don't have a phone bill. Can I still use the NumberGarage?

    Yes! We just need your account number, PIN number and a screenshot of where you "charge" your cell phone with minutes.

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