What Does It Mean To Forward My
Number With Numbergarage™?

If someone calls your phone number, we send those calls to the forwarding number of your choice. For example, we can forward calls made to your home phone directly to your cell phone OR we can forward calls from one cell phone to another… you decide!

Did You Know That You Own Your
Phone Number?

The average phone company charges $50 or more for a call forward service. By porting your number from your current carrier over to NumberGarage.com, maintain ownership of your phone number and FORWARD calls for less (plans start at just $9.95 per month)!

Is This Forward Service Really For Me?

Answer these easy questions:

  • Are you paying for multiple phone numbers?
  • Would you like to receive all your calls on one phone?
  • Do you want save $$ on your monthly phone bill?

How Does Numbergarage™ Work?

  • You have one or more phone numbers you want to manage.
  • Port your number over to NumberGarage™
  • FORWARD callers from your NumberGarage™ number to any active U.S. phone number

If you need a phone number, get a new one
with NumberGarage!

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