NumberGarage™ Offers Free Phone Number Origination

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — NumberGarage™, a web-based service provider that converts landline and cellular phone numbers into virtual telephone numbers, announces a new feature for customers wanting to generate a new (or temporary) virtual phone number through the service.

By offering Free Phone Number Origination, NumberGarage™ customers can now create a virtual phone number at no cost.

For the past six years, NumberGarage™ has provided their PARK and FORWARD services exclusively to customers who port phone numbers in from another provider. The NumberGarage™ PARK service allows customers to maintain ownership of their phone number for future use at the very low cost of $4 per month. Staring at $9.95 per month, the NumberGarage™ FORWARD service allows customers to forward incoming callers to any U.S. phone number for much less than the average cost of phone service.

The new NumberGarage™ Phone Number Origination feature enables customers to:

  • Create a new phone number at no cost by waiving the activation fee
  • Use that phone number to forward incoming callers to any U.S. phone number
  • Port the phone number out to another provider at anytime

“We’re focused on keeping the NumberGarage™ platform simple,” said Jeff Heeren, founder and chief mechanic for NumberGarage™. “We based our number origination feature around existing customer feedback after finding that many people aren’t fond of giving out their real phone number for fear of receiving future telemarketing calls.

“Additionally, we’ve enhanced our web-based platform to help deliver a seamless, efficient user experience,” added Heeren.

Introduced in 2008, NumberGarage™ provides its PARK and FORWARD services for existing phone numbers. While continuing to offer a simple suite of services, the company is evolving to meet the changing needs of its current and future customers. The new NumberGarage™ Phone Number Origination feature is available now at


About NumberGarage™ 
Based in Nashville, Tenn., NumberGarage™ is a web-based service provider for virtual telephone numbers. Founded in 2008, the company offers two primary levels of service – PARK and FORWARD. With NumberGarage™ PARK your phone number to keep it for later or FORWARD your callers to stay connected for less. To learn more, visit

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March 4, 2015 Press Release (Same info as above):

What is a Customer Service Record (CSR)?

When the NumberGarage™ Team submits a port request to a Local Service Provider (LSP) to port a customer’s telephone number there can be conflicts the customer is NOT aware of that may prevent the “port out” of the phone number.  For example, an “Address Mismatch” can prevent the release or “port out” of a telephone number.  There are service addresses, and billing addresses that are associated with an account.

NumberGarage™ requires the SERVICE ADDRESS, and “NO” a PO BOX will NOT work to successfully port a telephone number.  The service address is needed from the carrier who provides service to the phone number.  You would have to have a phone serviced inside your United States Post Office Box in order to use the PO BOX as your service address, and that is not possible.

When the customer does not know the correct address (or there are other conflicts with information), and the port request has been rejected multiple times we will request the Customer Service Record (CSR) of their account with their current service provider/telecommunications carrier.

What is a “Customer Service Record (CSR) ?”

Well, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has information on their website regarding this very specific information.  Here is a brief “cut and paste” from the website in regard to porting a phone number under the Local Number Portability Act (LNPA):

“LNPA WG [Working Group] Approved Best Practice on Customer Service Record (CSR) Requests:

CSRs are requested for a variety of reasons. In the context of porting, they may be requested to obtain information, e.g., Account Number, Customer Name, Address, etc., in order to accurately complete a Local Service Request (LSR) to initiate the porting process.

There currently is no industry standard on what information the Old Local Service Provider (OLSP) may require from the New Local Service Provider (NLSP) when the NLSP requests a Customer Service Record (CSR).”

Here is the link if you want to read what the LNPA Working Group at the FCC said back in 2011:

PLEASE NOTE: NumberGarage™ and its parent company (10) digit-inc are not carriers, and are resellers of telecommunications services in the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) area of the telecommunications industry. provides the value proposition of keeping a phone number ACTIVE while a person, or persons, business, or businesses are in transition.  We can FORWARD calls with NumberGarage™ FORWARD or not forward calls using our NumberGarage™ PARK service feature.

If we ask you for your customer service record (CSR) it is because we need it to port your number, and it will be a document (PDF, MSFT Word, Rich Text, or other format), but it will indeed be a document provided to you from your current service provider. If you can not provide your CSR to us when we ask you for it — well … we will not be able to port your number.

Ten-Digit, Inc. receives NumberGarage, LLC’s assets

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — All assets of Tennessee-based NumberGarage, LLC, founded in 2008 byJeff Heeren of Nashville, Tenn., have been assigned to Ten-Digit Inc., also based in Tennessee. With this asset acquisition, Mr. Heeren has become the President and CEO of Ten-Digit Inc.

NumberGarage™ is a cloud-based remote call forward (RCF) virtual telephone number service and will continue to provide its NumberGarage™ PARK or NumberGarage™ FORWARD service features to consumers. With its acquisition by Ten-Digit Inc., is now able to aggressively scale with consumer and business customers.

When forming Ten-Digit Inc., Mr. Heeren purposely chose December 21, 2012, as the incorporation date. To play on the “end date” of the Mayan Calendar, he chose this date to mark the “beginning” of the new and improved NumberGarage™ and other products Ten-Digit Inc. will soon launch. Says Mr. Heeren:

“NumberGarage™ has an entirely new custom-built platform for processing subscription-based services, and we are using our platform to manage the customer acquisition funnel. Our NumberGarage™ PARK and NumberGarage™ FORWARD phone-number porting processes are still the core of the NumberGarage™ service.”

In addition to Mr. Heeren as the Ten-Digit CEO, the company also employs Calvin Froedge as Chief Technology Officer. Originally from Tompkinsville, Kentucky, Mr. Froedge now resides in Honolulu, and he was the key programmer on the new platform. Regarding Mr. Heeren, Mr. Froedge says:

“Jeff knows the NumberGarage™ service inside and out, and he has personally worked with the majority of the thousands of NumberGarage™ customers we have processed over the past five years. When rebuilding the NumberGarage™ platform, Jeff was able to concisely outline the streamlined workflow process we built. Our customers have their expectations exceeded because Jeff understands the many different factors that could cause delays in porting a telephone number.”

NumberGarage™ can currently port phone numbers to and from all 50 states and U.S. Territories, and also has the ability to work with Canadian phone numbers. According to Mr. Heeren,

“We have many inquires from Canada to use the NumberGarage™ service, and while we do have that ability now, we are focusing on building our Canadian presence for Q4 2013. Soon, our customers will be able to PARK or FORWARD their telephone numbers easily – or (as they may say in parts of Canada) “PARC” ou “ENVOYER” leurs numeros de telephone facilement. Ultimately, our goal is to give ALL global phone number-owners a way to easily “NumberGarage” their extra phone number(s).”

The PARK service offered by NumberGarage™ means that a phone number is not associated with any existing phone-number service, but the number is still available for future use by the owner. A number “parked” in NumberGarage™ is not used to make nor receive phone calls; however, callers to the number will receive a message saying that the number is parked in the garage at and unavailable at that time. NumberGarage’s PARK feature is a great way to save a family or long-held phone number without having to pay for landline phone service.

Conversely, the NumberGarage™ FORWARD service allows users to receive all calls made to the phone number in the Garage on any other phone number they choose (usually to a cell phone). With this feature, the customer is unable to make calls from the number in the garage (meaning that phone number will not show up on Caller ID), but all incoming calls to the number will be captured by the customer. Says Mr. Heeren:

“We like the fact that NumberGarage™ complements any other phone service provider. Our customers are able to forward their calls to their Google® Voice phone number, or their SKYPE® phone number, or to their T-Mobile®, AT&T®, Verizon®, or VirginMobile® phone numbers. Our customer must have active phone service from another provider to use our NumberGarage™ FORWARD service, which represents 80 percent of our customer base.”


SOURCE Ten-Digit Inc.

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You will know when you need to PARK a phone number.

“When do you PARK a phone number?”

Or, “Why would I want to have a phone number with NO phone service?!” You will know when AND why at the time you need it. The customers who use NumberGarage™ services are full of their own reasons. We have customers with large phone number inventory (call us if you have over 100 phone numbers – pricing is based on volume). We have customers with one phone number they PARK and we have no reason why! We just want to make sure they have what they need from using our service, and we are grateful to be of service.

The garage is always full of phone numbers coming and going, porting in, and watching numbers port out. We have some customers who will be with us for years (as they already have). We have some who port in and port out as quickly as we say, “port complete.”

PARK is a NumberGarage™ service that is needed by those who use it. If you don’t need it, we are not trying to sell you the PARK service. We are not trying to sell you anything! We ARE trying to let people know about NumberGarage™ for the specific reason of remembering who we are.

“It is time to NumberGarage™ it!” Is what we want you to say.

Park, Forward, Connect.™

Reliability is crucial when dealing in phone numbers, and protecting phone number owners phone numbers.

NumberGarage™, Drop your landline, keep your number.

WOW. It’s been a whole year since I last posted to this blog.

Because 2012 was a Leap Year, it’s been exactly 366 days since I announced on this blog that we had received our Better Business Bureau GOLD SEAL, which validates our excellent customer service. But 366 days is embarrassing.

As an innovator and marketer, I know the power of marketing – especially that of social media – and I definitely know better than to let this important part of the NumberGarage™ brand not have a brand conversation. But, in my defense, I have not revisited this blog because we here at NumberGarage™ have been DAMN BUSY processing customer orders and getting ready for our next phase. And I gotta tell ya, it’s an exciting, multi-faceted phase, that will take NumberGarage™ and our simple, customer-service-driven platform to a whole new level. (But we’ll never do away with our common-sense approach to customer service. That’s a promise!)

We are about to make a big turn into the next phase of our NumberGarage™ existence. We are excited to deliver a better workflow. Our ALPHA code schema is a major improvement from our BETA code stack.

Our coder team is led by the talented and fearless coder Mr. Calvin Froedge, who has been working diligently with a focus on the right way – instead of the fastest way — on the NumberGarage™ API. Ms. Kimberly Johnson, Sr. Port Administrator does such an amazing job that we think she has replicated herself somehow.

First and foremost, our entire website has been overhauled. New fonts, new graphics, a new user interface, a more streamlined purchase experience: these are the first of many new and exciting things going on here in the NumberGarage™.

Our people are now developing a host of new and oft-requested services that you, our customer have asked us to provide to you as NEW brands, and entities that are soon to be coming your way – but before we get ahead of ourselves, we would not be here without the current team: the amazing and talented and innovative men and women behind the curtain here at NumberGarage™, dreaming up ways to keep you connected to the world while keeping your phone number (yes, it’s yours, not the phone company’s) in your arsenal of contact information while allowing you to downsize the actual number of phones in your possession. Or, in some business use cases having many more phone numbers can increase calls, and thus increase conversions.

Over the past four years we have studied every aspect of our NumberGarage™ product offering and customer experience. We listened to what our customers have asked for, and we took copious notes with what solutions we provided. We have been in a BETA for the past four years because we wanted to learn from our customers. We were not in a hurry to raise money and waste money. We know how to help our customer, and we know how to grow our business, and now, the time has come to take NumberGarage to the next level.

We look forward to sharing the exciting details with you and NO, it won’t be another whole year before we do so! Reach out to us and let us know what YOU want to do with your number. Our ask us how to solve your dilemma related to phone call management, or phone numbers in general. We sincerely thank you (our) customers, and appreciate their choice you made to use our service.

Thank you NumberGarage™ Customer(s).


All the best to you,

Jeff Heeren, Chief Mechanic & Founder

America! Let it be known …

NumberGarage Better Business Bureau 2011 - 2013

NumberGarage is one of 5,000 proud members of the Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky. We are consumer focused, and appreciate our customers so much that we support our Better Business Bureau®, and community.

Our Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky was recognized in 2011 by Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper. The recognition of 50 years is now officially recorded in the 112th Congressional Record.

We really like this recent quote from Bob Van Cleave, 2011/12 Chairman of the BBB® Board of Directors, “It emphasizes that deeply held principles of truth in advertising, fair play, taking care of your customers and simply doing the right thing is as important today as it was in 1961.”

If you have had your telephone number since 1961, the NumberGarage Team can put that phone number in the garage too!

This BBB® recognition is worth mentioning to both our NumberGarage customers, and our potential NumberGarage customers. We are proud members of the BBB®, and we are proud that the BBB® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky embrace online engagement. An amazing stat is that our BBB® Leaders process 98% of all communication through the internet. NumberGarage believes that e-commerce business practices are identical to the brick and mortar experience. Our support of our BBB® is our way of showing you before you buy our services.

As our BBB® celebrates its 50th year, we thought this was cool too; over the past five decades there are 50 Charter Members of the BBB® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky that remain Accredited Businesses today.