How Do I Keep My Phone Number If I Move?

Forward your current number to a new service provider or carrier in a different area code using NumberGarage.

Keep your phone number when moving

What if you moving or relocating to a new city and you would like to keep your phone number? It can be a major hassle contacting all your friends, relatives, accounts, and service providers to give them your new phone number. Frankly, it is a stress you can live without during and after your exhausting move.

NumberGarage is the perfect solution for an individual, household, or business to forward a number to a new service provider in another area code.

Unfortunately most are unaware that a service such as ours exists. The major phone companies like AT&T, Qwest, and Verizon do not offer forwarding if a customer is moving to a new location and needs to cancel their current service. As far as they are concerned they are done with you. Once you close your account your number eventually gets passed on. What’s with that? No worries, that is why we are here.

If you decide to keep your old number using NumberGarage make sure you don’t cancel your phone old phone service. Sign up for an account and we will port your phone number to your garage. Once your number is ported your account with the previous provider will automatically be terminated and you most likely will receive a final bill. You can then log into your NumberGarage account and choose where you would like your old number to forward to.

When anyone calls your old number you’ll be in your new location ready to answer as if you haven’t moved. Go ahead and inform the person on the other end of your new phone number. Using NumberGarage you won’t have to go out of your way to tell everyone your new phone number. Besides, you’ll probably need the time to unpack all your boxes or find your new favorite restaurant. Good luck with your move.

Please read our FAQ if you would like more information about forwarding your phone number.

Which Mobile Data Card Is Best For You?

wireless computing

We live such mobile lifestyles these days that not only are people forwarding phone numbers to their mobile device, but also using mobile data cards to work from their laptops anytime, anywhere. Engadget  tested mobile data cards from the nation’s four big mobile networks: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. In their test, they were looking for overall speed and reliability, as well as where you would get the most bang for your buck out of your data plan. After putting them all through a thorough test, they came to the following conclusion:

Based on coverage alone, we’d select Verizon first (from a national standpoint) and AT&T second. Unfortunately, Verizon was the slowest of the bunch (albeit not by much), and AT&T was the victor by a country mile in terms of Kbps. If it’s speed you’re after (and really, who’s not after speed?), we can’t help but recommend AT&T — if you’re within one of the carrier’s limited 3G areas. The other caveat here is that for whatever reason, AT&T’s reliability — particularly in densely populated areas — has been disreputably suspect. If you’re an existing AT&T user and can’t seem to get a solid 3G signal on your smartphone where you’re at, don’t expect a LaptopConnect card to act any differently. Frankly, that goes for all carriers. Aside from T-Mobile, which just doesn’t have the coverage to compete right now, you can hardly go wrong with any of these options. But as our speed tests have shown, you’d need a darn good excuse to avoid AT&T if the coverage and reliability is right.

If your life is quickly turning mobile, be sure and check out their entire breakdown of mobile data cards.

NumberGarage + Google Voice

Number Garage and Google Voice

Want to streamline your communications to just one device? As we become more mobile, it makes sense to have all of our communications come to just our cell phones. But what if you have a home or business number that you’ve had for years and that a large group of people already know and use? NumberGarage telephone number forwarding would be the perfect solution for you. Keep all of those numbers, but just one phone.

Forwarding your numbers to Google Voice would also be a great option. There are many great features that are going to be rolled out in Google Voice, including transcripts of your voicemails that can be sent to email, record calls and store them in your Google account, even specify a voicemail for different callers. A fantastic all in one service for those who have dynamic telecommunications needs.

So if you have multiple phone numbers and feel like you would be more productive if they were rolled into one, consider NumberGarage phone number forwarding. Coupled with a Google Voice account, it could solve all of your phone problems.

Telecom Solutions For You

There are a lot of options out there these days to assist you with your home or small business telecom needs, and Jeff Heeren at explores many of those available to you. Included in his list:

PhoneTag, for transcribing voicemail
Google Voice, giving you one central number to provide for multiple devices
NumberGarage, to park or forward a phone number you already own
Tossable Digits, which provides you with a temporary phone number
Skype and Gizmo5, allowing international phone calls via the web
MagicJack, providing you with very affordable phone service

In the article, Jeff had this to say about NumberGarage:

What if you already have one number that people know you by? NumberGarage can forward callers to your Google Voice number, cell phone or other centralized telephone number. Where many companies pay Remote Call Forward fees to direct callers to centralized numbers, services like NumberGarage offers an affordable alternative. Users can own a number without forwarding calls, like owning a Web domain without a Web site.

If you have been curious about streamlining your telecommunications, these services provide a wide array of solutions, and would be a great place to start.

Don’t Lose Your Phone Number – Park It

When you must absolutely, with out a doubt keep your phone number. Except for one thing … you don’t really need to answer the calls, or call from the phone number. NumberGarage™ has a PARK service feature that allows people (and now “officially” businesses as of April 2013) to PARK a number to use later.

We have attorneys who use NumberGarage™ for holding phone numbers in dispute with failed, or fighting business owners. One owner wants the phone number, the other has control and not complying, and it can get really ugly. Then, a court of law says “No entity, or person, or termination will occur. The phone number in question must be retired and left in escrow for ten years.” Yes, we have numbers that must stay with us for a long, long time.

PARK your phone number because you have to, not because you want to. We are here for you when you need us, and you will know when you need us. That will be when you don’t want to lose your phone number.




Park of Forward Your Number with NumberGarage

Park or FORWARD, Forward or PARK! When you have an extra phone number you must keep with you, or connected to the outside world … you NumberGarage™ it!

We hear all the time, “I don’t need a landline phone.” This is because cell phones have become so affordable, that you can find business models of free phones, and advertising based platforms. NumberGarage™ is simple, and only focused on allowing its customers manage their phone number affordably, and confidently. It is your phone number — keep it if you want to.