How Do You Know If You Need NumberGarage™?

Do you have a phone number you wish you could have kept?  We hear it all the time — “I wish I knew about you when we moved!”

If you’re moving, living abroad or have too many phone numbers to manage, you might want to learn more about NumberGarage™. We port phone numbers in and forward phone calls out — that’s it!

So what’s the big benefit? You get to keep the same phone number regardless of where you live, avoiding all the hassles of changing your contact info. This could mean a short-term solution while you settle in or a long-term opportunity to keep a legacy phone number that’s important to you.

Another example of when NumberGarage™ will come in handy is if you decide to live internationally for an extended period of time. In this case, you might choose to reactivate your phone number with a cellular carrier when you return to the United States.

While traveling abroad, there are TONS of options to help manage your communications. In fact, here’s a recent Forbes article detailing a laundry list of ways to approach call forwarding when traveling:

At NumberGarage™, we like to keep things simple (and affordable!). So what’s our solution? Just forward your U.S. phone number through NumberGarage™ to your Skype® or Google Voice® phone number. It’s arguably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to stay in touch with your callers while you travel.

With this approach, your callers won’t know what country you’re in unless you tell them! This is because their call to you is still considered a local call. The down side….depending on where you’re living, you might be answering calls when you should be sleeping 🙂

NumberGarage™, Drop your landline, keep your number.

WOW. It’s been a whole year since I last posted to this blog.

Because 2012 was a Leap Year, it’s been exactly 366 days since I announced on this blog that we had received our Better Business Bureau GOLD SEAL, which validates our excellent customer service. But 366 days is embarrassing.

As an innovator and marketer, I know the power of marketing – especially that of social media – and I definitely know better than to let this important part of the NumberGarage™ brand not have a brand conversation. But, in my defense, I have not revisited this blog because we here at NumberGarage™ have been DAMN BUSY processing customer orders and getting ready for our next phase. And I gotta tell ya, it’s an exciting, multi-faceted phase, that will take NumberGarage™ and our simple, customer-service-driven platform to a whole new level. (But we’ll never do away with our common-sense approach to customer service. That’s a promise!)

We are about to make a big turn into the next phase of our NumberGarage™ existence. We are excited to deliver a better workflow. Our ALPHA code schema is a major improvement from our BETA code stack.

Our coder team is led by the talented and fearless coder Mr. Calvin Froedge, who has been working diligently with a focus on the right way – instead of the fastest way — on the NumberGarage™ API. Ms. Kimberly Johnson, Sr. Port Administrator does such an amazing job that we think she has replicated herself somehow.

First and foremost, our entire website has been overhauled. New fonts, new graphics, a new user interface, a more streamlined purchase experience: these are the first of many new and exciting things going on here in the NumberGarage™.

Our people are now developing a host of new and oft-requested services that you, our customer have asked us to provide to you as NEW brands, and entities that are soon to be coming your way – but before we get ahead of ourselves, we would not be here without the current team: the amazing and talented and innovative men and women behind the curtain here at NumberGarage™, dreaming up ways to keep you connected to the world while keeping your phone number (yes, it’s yours, not the phone company’s) in your arsenal of contact information while allowing you to downsize the actual number of phones in your possession. Or, in some business use cases having many more phone numbers can increase calls, and thus increase conversions.

Over the past four years we have studied every aspect of our NumberGarage™ product offering and customer experience. We listened to what our customers have asked for, and we took copious notes with what solutions we provided. We have been in a BETA for the past four years because we wanted to learn from our customers. We were not in a hurry to raise money and waste money. We know how to help our customer, and we know how to grow our business, and now, the time has come to take NumberGarage to the next level.

We look forward to sharing the exciting details with you and NO, it won’t be another whole year before we do so! Reach out to us and let us know what YOU want to do with your number. Our ask us how to solve your dilemma related to phone call management, or phone numbers in general. We sincerely thank you (our) customers, and appreciate their choice you made to use our service.

Thank you NumberGarage™ Customer(s).


All the best to you,

Jeff Heeren, Chief Mechanic & Founder