What Does It Mean To Park
With Numbergarage™?

It means that you’re essentially putting a virtual hold on your phone number. Take ownership of your phone number by PARKing it in our Garage. While in PARK, your callers will hear our PARK service message (so that you know we service it, and the caller knows you are keeping it for later too).

Move from PARK to FORWARD anytime or port your number back out to a full-service carrier whenever you’re ready!

Did You Know That You Own Your
Phone Number?

The average phone company will not let you keep a phone number without maintaining active service. By porting your number from your current carrier over to NumberGarage.com, you can take ownership of your phone number for just $4 per month!

How Does Numbergarage™ Work?

  • You have one or more phone numbers you want to manage.
  • Port your number over to NumberGarage™
  • FORWARD callers from your NumberGarage™ number to any active U.S. phone number


My parents home phone number is so easy to remember, "(XXX) 790-7907, and when they passed away I knew my siblings did not want their phone number. My oldest child was not old enough to have a cell phone, and I wanted this phone number to become her cell phone number. I called NumberGarage™ and they said I could port out to cellular, and that was all it took. We updated the ownership records with my parents phone company, and then ported over to NumberGarage™. We had the number set to Forward to my sister for a year (we had many important calls), and then converted to PARK. We plan to port out in about three (maybe five) more years for our oldest daughter to have as her cellular phone number. ~ William M., Bradenton, FL

If you need a phone number, get a new one
with NumberGarage!

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