Simple Business Phone Service

Add a business line to your mobile phone

Add a second number to your existing smart phone to manage business calls, voicemail and text. Starts at $19.90/mo.

Get My Business Number

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checking voicemail, text and calls on a mobile phone

Virtual phone system to keep business and personal calls separate

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In App or Web

Download our app (iOS or Android) and use it to manage your business calls, text and voicemail.

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buying a custom phone number

Local and Toll Free

Get a new local and/or toll free phone number using your company name, brand or keywords.

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Pro Features

Everything you'll need, including schedules, menus, simultaneous ring, account users and more.

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Budget Friendly

Affordable and scaleable simple all-inclusive pricing without tiers, upgrade fees or gotchas.

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Tune up your communications

Manage a single small business, team members or many brands and phone numbers with a single account and app.


Your Gig

Put your talent to work.

A simple, inexpensive, and versatile virtual phone system on a budget.

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Small Team

Build a team. Keep it simple.

Your team can manage calls, voicemail and text through a business number.

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Many Brands

Manage multiple numbers.

Manage communications over multiple phone numbers and team members.

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Got a great idea? This is what you need.

Besides being the industry's easiest to use virtual phone system, NumberGarage helps to simplify your small business communications and connect your gig to the thing that matters most - your customers. We help your ideas, opportunities and team connect, without adding expensive phones, hardware or devices. Get in the garage!

wrench Improve Engagement
65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone call [.]

wrench Increase Confidence
75% of customers believe calling is the most effective for a quick response from businesses [.]

wrench Increase Conversion
77% of consumers who can text aged 18–34 are likely to perceive positively a company that offers text capability [.]

The perfect business number is waiting

With access to over 50 million phone numbers, finding a memorable vanity number for your small business is almost a sure thing. Pair it up with our service and professional features to get the perfect combo for your growing venture.

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A simple, modern and professional business line


forward calls to a cell phone or any phone

Design a custom call routing system for your business calls

Our simple setup allows you to direct customer calls to the correct team member, group or message during the business hours you configure. And it works on your existing cell phone so you can work remotely.

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Select a memorable and personalized custom phone number

Find a new local or toll free phone number using your company name, brand or keywords. With over 50,000,000 phone numbers to choose from, you're sure to find a great fit for any business.

Find your branded business number

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features to manage communications

Boost customer confidence with professional features and settings

Today's consumers expect a business to handle communications through calls, text and automated business menus to handle their questions. With NumberGarage, you get all that and more through a simple virtual business phone system.

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Assign phone number management to team members

Give your team access to receive calls, place calls and manage business voicemail and text. You decide what phone numbers they can access and manage.

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add team members to your account

Grow your business and the phone system grows with you

Your account easily expands with additional phone numbers (toll free and local), team users or admin users to manage your system so you can get back to focusing on the business.

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Ready to connect?

Get your gig in the fast lane with a custom business phone number and professional calling features. Add a second phone number and manage your business calls on your mobile phone.

Choose Your Number

Search our available numbers for a new local or toll free number, or, port in your existing number.

Design Your System

Quickly setup your calling features (schedule, menu, group, user) and activate text messaging.

You're in Business

A professional 24/7 business phone number for you and your remote team in the office or on the road.

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