Design a phone system to meet your business needs

A simple phone solution to unify your team and communications. NumberGarage gives you a second line on your mobile phone that keeps personal and business calls separate.

woman managing business calls at coffee shop

Immediately give a BIG business impression

NumberGarage gives you all the professional features you'll need to let customers know you mean business. And you can do it all on your mobile phone.


Calls can be routed based on the day and time to:

  • A phone number
  • Voicemail
  • Automated Menus
  • Group of users


SMS and MMS enabled for all your numbers:

  • Send and receive
  • Separate inbox
  • Manage in app or web
  • Assign to team users


Users can mange calls and text messages:

  • Add as needed
  • Assign to numbers
  • Personal settings
  • Personal login

How will you use NumberGarage?

Impressively simple business phone system that connects you and your staff under one number. Create an inexpensive "virtual" phone number that is as flexible as your personal/business schedule.

Your Gig
I am a

Solo Entrepreneur

Whether on the road, in the air, or at the pool, your business number should always be working for you.

  • I'm the business owner
  • One business phone number
  • Only me managing calls & text
How this works for me
Small Team
I have a

Small Team

Bring together a remote team with an easy-to-implement business number that is working 24/7.

  • One company
  • One (or more) telephone numbers
  • Small staff who manage calls & text
How my team is connected
Multiple Businesses
I manage

Many Businesses

Control communications for all your brands, teams and gigs with our simple-to-use business phone number service.

  • Multiple companies/brands
  • Multiple phone numbers (toll free & local)
  • Many staff members who need access
How I manage many teams

Manage settings and users online

After you sign up, we'll activate your new phone number and all of your calling features. You'll set up your service through your online account where you can modify your settings at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Multiple users?

Setting up additional users is a snap! Account admin users can simply add team users. All users have their own login credentials so they can manage their own voicemail and call routing settings online.

What do I need to use NumberGarage?

To use NumberGarage service, you'll need a device to configure settings (computer or smartphone) and an existing phone with service to receive calls. Certain features of NumberGarage service require the use of a high-speed Internet / data connection.

You DO need an Internet connection to:

  • Place and receive calls using our Dialer
  • Edit your account settings in your control panel

You DON'T need an Internet connection to:

  • Receive forwarded calls on an existing phone (mobile, home, office, etc)
  • Route incoming calls according to your account settings

Have questions? Contact our support team or visit our Help Center

Keep your team connected

Get your business in the fast lane with NumberGarage. Manage your business calls and text on your mobile phone.

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