To PARK, or to FORWARD … that is the ________ (dilemma)?

Do you own your phone number?

Of course you do!  Just like you own your home … until you sell it, or it is sold for you because you are just too old (or senile) to take care of it anymore. It may be that time of life for you and you will know when to NumberGarage™ your phone number, or help your parents or loved one know about NumberGarage™ PARK or FORWARD services. A phone number is important to you for so many reasons. You may not know what to do with your number, you just want the calls to be answered. Our advice is to NumberGarage™ it, and decide what to do later. Port out anytime with no silly fees for doing so — we are an intentionally simple service for you to use whenever you want.

When life changes, and you are told you can’t keep your phone number – AND – you are faced with the decision to have to cancel phone service … you should NumberGarage™ it!

You might not know it now, but you will know when to NumberGarage™ your phone number(s).

We often hear, “Why would I want to PARK my phone number?” We have two (2) service features, PARK & FORWARD. There are so many reasons to PARK a phone number, and our customers have shared their story to show us how and why they NumberGarage™ PARK their telephone number. The NumberGarage™ PARK service is a service that allows you to keep a telephone number for later use. Like a savings account down at the bank … you save a dollar to be used later. The NumberGarage™ FORWARD service just sends callers to any other US based telephone number.

Here are some reasons of why someone would NumberGarage™ their phone number”

NumberGarage™ PARK: 

When moving to another location, have you just wanted to keep that old phone number? Many say, “No.” There are those who say yes, and they found us, and they love NumberGarage™.

This is also the time to find opportunity with your telephone number. The phone numbers that are good, and are just way too good to let go are perfect numbers to NumberGarage™. We have a customer who owns a plumbing company, and he owns many phone numbers under the NumberGarage™ FORWARD service, and all phone numbers are related to his business. He has purchased all the “GOT-LEAK” phone numbers in his immediate and surrounding area codes. He has other strategies related to phone numbers too. Our advice, if your number spells something, check out to see if you have value with your phone number. Remember to NumberGarage™ it when you need to.

NumberGarage™ FORWARD: 

The process of downsizing a home of many years, and moving to another location far away or even close by can be difficult to leave a number behind. Many people have been told you can’t take your number with you.

How will you make sure your parents stay connected to their lives if your parents, or even yourself find the opportunity to downsize a long-time home? Or, what it you have to downsize quickly and move into a long term are facility? A phone number is our lifeline to our people, and when it is known by many people you can’t just stop service “cold turkey!” NumberGarage™ FORWARD service is the right plan for you if you are concerned about not having time to update all the callers to your number of your NEW phone number.

We are here when you want to NumberGarage™ your number.

Park, Forward, Connect.™

You will know when you need to PARK a phone number.

“When do you PARK a phone number?”

Or, “Why would I want to have a phone number with NO phone service?!” You will know when AND why at the time you need it. The customers who use NumberGarage™ services are full of their own reasons. We have customers with large phone number inventory (call us if you have over 100 phone numbers – pricing is based on volume). We have customers with one phone number they PARK and we have no reason why! We just want to make sure they have what they need from using our service, and we are grateful to be of service.

The garage is always full of phone numbers coming and going, porting in, and watching numbers port out. We have some customers who will be with us for years (as they already have). We have some who port in and port out as quickly as we say, “port complete.”

PARK is a NumberGarage™ service that is needed by those who use it. If you don’t need it, we are not trying to sell you the PARK service. We are not trying to sell you anything! We ARE trying to let people know about NumberGarage™ for the specific reason of remembering who we are.

“It is time to NumberGarage™ it!” Is what we want you to say.

Park, Forward, Connect.™

Reliability is crucial when dealing in phone numbers, and protecting phone number owners phone numbers.