4 Ways to Find Your Cell (WITHOUT Your Landline. . .)

NumberGarage™ is dedicate to helping folks get rid of their landline bill while keeping their beloved phone number, but even we can agree that landline telephones still have one fantastically helpful use – finding your lost cell phone.

Aside from learning to stop losing it (and let’s be honest, no one’s doing that . . .) here are our favorite ways to track down the escape artist known as your cell phone without having to pay that pesky landline bill.

1. Our favorite: Just type in your number, click “make it ring!” and start running around your house. It’s free, it keeps your phone number private, and you don’t have to download yet another app.

2. The Find My iPhone and Find My Android apps both use GPS coordinates to locate your phone, which is helpful in cases a little more extreme than your average under-the-bed scenario. You do need another IOS device to use the apps, but the greatest feature is the ability to blast your ringtone at full volume, even if your phone is on silent mode.

3. Find your phone using your psychic abilities.

4. If your phone is really really lost (or stolen. . .), check out Put your phone’s IMEI (serial number) into their database and cross your fingers that some kind soul (or the police department. . .) has found it. You can also use the site to help reunite an orphaned phone with its owner, and even pre-register your phones IMEI.

Thanks to these handy tricks, you can save yourself from cell-separation and save yourself some cash.