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NumberGarage Better Business Bureau 2011 - 2013

NumberGarage is one of 5,000 proud members of the Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky. We are consumer focused, and appreciate our customers so much that we support our Better Business Bureau®, and community.

Our Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky was recognized in 2011 by Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper. The recognition of 50 years is now officially recorded in the 112th Congressional Record.

We really like this recent quote from Bob Van Cleave, 2011/12 Chairman of the BBB® Board of Directors, “It emphasizes that deeply held principles of truth in advertising, fair play, taking care of your customers and simply doing the right thing is as important today as it was in 1961.”

If you have had your telephone number since 1961, the NumberGarage Team can put that phone number in the garage too!

This BBB® recognition is worth mentioning to both our NumberGarage customers, and our potential NumberGarage customers. We are proud members of the BBB®, and we are proud that the BBB® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky embrace online engagement. An amazing stat is that our BBB® Leaders process 98% of all communication through the internet. NumberGarage believes that e-commerce business practices are identical to the brick and mortar experience. Our support of our BBB® is our way of showing you before you buy our services.

As our BBB® celebrates its 50th year, we thought this was cool too; over the past five decades there are 50 Charter Members of the BBB® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky that remain Accredited Businesses today.

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