AT&T GoPhone® with LTE, T-Mobile with “No Contracts”, What Next?

SIMPLE is, what Simple does! The NumberGarage™ Team likes “simple” because there is less confusion. We also rule by common sense, and common sense can only be present with transparency. It appears that the BIG telephone companies that we all love, or hate, or don’t care either way have found success in what makes small businesses successful — the ability to use common sense!

T-Mobile announced in April 2013 that the “Early Termination Fee” (ETF) was a thing of the past in their business model. This is an awesome quote by their CEO, John T. Legere, “If we suck this month, drop us. Go somewhere else.” CHEERS! To you Mr. Legere! NumberGarage™ does not have any termination fees, and we have been a month-to-month service since 2008. We have also ported many a T-Mobile phone number to, and we will continue to refer our customers to T-Mobile when they port-out of NumberGarage™ as well.

AT&T announced May 24, 2013 their PCWorld / TechHive Awardeed Top Spot LTE network is available for their GoPhone® product! Wait! PrePaid cellular has LTE access! It looks like AT&T is jumping into the common sense business too. AT&T has invested $98 billion into its operations over the past five years, and with this kind of PrePaid friendly business with access to the fastest wireless network available might mean conversions of sales are in their favor. If you want to meet your analyst numbers, you must have NEW customers.

The only disconnect for AT&T is the fact the LTE for GoPhone® access is for NEW customers ONLY. This is where NumberGarage™ comes into value. Port your old cell phone number to and go get a NEW GoPhone® with LTE. You will be able to forward your calls easily from your old cell phone number to your new AT&T GoPhone® number using FORWARD service.

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