How Do I Keep My Phone Number If I Move?

Forward your current number to a new service provider or carrier in a different area code using NumberGarage.

What if you moving or relocating to a new city and you would like to keep your phone number? It can be a major hassle contacting all your friends, relatives, accounts, and service providers to give them your new phone number. Frankly, it is a stress you can live without during and after your exhausting move.

NumberGarage is the perfect solution for an individual, household, or business to forward a number to a new service provider in another area code.

Unfortunately most are unaware that a service such as ours exists. The major phone companies like AT&T, Qwest, and Verizon do not offer forwarding if a customer is moving to a new location and needs to cancel their current service. As far as they are concerned they are done with you. Once you close your account your number eventually gets passed on. What’s with that? No worries, that is why we are here.

If you decide to keep your old number using NumberGarage make sure you don’t cancel your phone old phone service. Sign up for an account and we will port your phone number to your garage. Once your number is ported your account with the previous provider will automatically be terminated and you most likely will receive a final bill. You can then log into your NumberGarage account and choose where you would like your old number to forward to.

When anyone calls your old number you’ll be in your new location ready to answer as if you haven’t moved. Go ahead and inform the person on the other end of your new phone number. Using NumberGarage you won’t have to go out of your way to tell everyone your new phone number. Besides, you’ll probably need the time to unpack all your boxes or find your new favorite restaurant. Good luck with your move.