iPhone To Verizon?

Apple’s iPhone is up there in the top ranks of most coveted mobile phone device, and now it looks like Verizon Wireless may be getting a piece of that action. While Apple has an exclusive deal with carrier AT&T, a move to a CDMA carrier would be a good move for Apple, allowing them to grab an even larger piece of the mobile phone market. Earlier this year Verizon launched the Blackberry Storm, heralded as the best iPhone competitor out there, and this would give the mobile provider a heavy arsenal of handsets. And with the ability to port your phone number from any carrier, those who were wary of switching to AT&T in the past now may have another option if they want to become an iPhone user.

[R]umors are once again heating up that Apple and Verizon are actively discussing the possibility of creating an iPhone to work on Big Red’s airwaves, according to USA Today’s infamous “people familiar with the situation.” The juicy gossip claims that discussions kicked off a few months ago when Steve was still running the day-to-day show out in Cupertino, but that the conversation has continued in his absence — and they’d like to get a product on the shelves next year, likely much to AT&T’s chagrin.

New iPhones are set to launch in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference in California. Will there be a Verizon announcement there as well?