NumberGarage + Google Voice

Number Garage and Google Voice

Want to streamline your communications to just one device? As we become more mobile, it makes sense to have all of our communications come to just our cell phones. But what if you have a home or business number that you’ve had for years and that a large group of people already know and use? NumberGarage telephone number forwarding would be the perfect solution for you. Keep all of those numbers, but just one phone.

Forwarding your numbers to Google Voice would also be a great option. There are many great features that are going to be rolled out in Google Voice, including transcripts of your voicemails that can be sent to email, record calls and store them in your Google account, even specify a voicemail for different callers. A fantastic all in one service for those who have dynamic telecommunications needs.

So if you have multiple phone numbers and feel like you would be more productive if they were rolled into one, consider NumberGarage phone number forwarding. Coupled with a Google Voice account, it could solve all of your phone problems.

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