NumberGarage™ Offers Free Phone Number Origination

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — NumberGarage™, a web-based service provider that converts landline and cellular phone numbers into virtual telephone numbers, announces a new feature for customers wanting to generate a new (or temporary) virtual phone number through the service.

By offering Free Phone Number Origination, NumberGarage™ customers can now create a virtual phone number at no cost.

For the past six years, NumberGarage™ has provided their PARK and FORWARD services exclusively to customers who port phone numbers in from another provider. The NumberGarage™ PARK service allows customers to maintain ownership of their phone number for future use at the very low cost of $4 per month. Staring at $9.95 per month, the NumberGarage™ FORWARD service allows customers to forward incoming callers to any U.S. phone number for much less than the average cost of phone service.

The new NumberGarage™ Phone Number Origination feature enables customers to:

  • Create a new phone number at no cost by waiving the activation fee
  • Use that phone number to forward incoming callers to any U.S. phone number
  • Port the phone number out to another provider at anytime

“We’re focused on keeping the NumberGarage™ platform simple,” said Jeff Heeren, founder and chief mechanic for NumberGarage™. “We based our number origination feature around existing customer feedback after finding that many people aren’t fond of giving out their real phone number for fear of receiving future telemarketing calls.

“Additionally, we’ve enhanced our web-based platform to help deliver a seamless, efficient user experience,” added Heeren.

Introduced in 2008, NumberGarage™ provides its PARK and FORWARD services for existing phone numbers. While continuing to offer a simple suite of services, the company is evolving to meet the changing needs of its current and future customers. The new NumberGarage™ Phone Number Origination feature is available now at


About NumberGarage™ 
Based in Nashville, Tenn., NumberGarage™ is a web-based service provider for virtual telephone numbers. Founded in 2008, the company offers two primary levels of service – PARK and FORWARD. With NumberGarage™ PARK your phone number to keep it for later or FORWARD your callers to stay connected for less. To learn more, visit

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