Overseas Mobile Phone Technology

The mobile phone market is vastly competitive around the world, with Asia usually on the forefront of new and fantastic “toys” that the rest of us can’t wait to get our hands on.  The latest release from Hitachi Japan is the Hi-Vision Cam Woo, a mobile phone that will shoot 720p video right on the phone. Pretty amazing right? More specs on the new phone from

Using the 3GPP2 video codec, this phone is surprisingly capable of recording in 720p. Franted you won’t get stunningly crisp video like with an average professional HD video camera, but you’ll get something superior to Flip HD. The Video Mode is perfect for simple shots with slow moving objects and people, but when panning like a maniac or recording fast moving objects you’ll get blurry video with some compression artifacts but… Just cool down a second and don’t forget we’re talking about a mobile phone, nothing else…

Those of us in the States who are mobile phone enthusiasts will just have to wait until someone decides to release some of these amazing Asian phones to our market.