How Do You Know If You Need NumberGarage™?

Do you have a phone number you wish you could have kept?  We hear it all the time — “I wish I knew about you when we moved!”

If you’re moving, living abroad or have too many phone numbers to manage, you might want to learn more about NumberGarage™. We port phone numbers in and forward phone calls out — that’s it!

So what’s the big benefit? You get to keep the same phone number regardless of where you live, avoiding all the hassles of changing your contact info. This could mean a short-term solution while you settle in or a long-term opportunity to keep a legacy phone number that’s important to you.

Another example of when NumberGarage™ will come in handy is if you decide to live internationally for an extended period of time. In this case, you might choose to reactivate your phone number with a cellular carrier when you return to the United States.

While traveling abroad, there are TONS of options to help manage your communications. In fact, here’s a recent Forbes article detailing a laundry list of ways to approach call forwarding when traveling:

At NumberGarage™, we like to keep things simple (and affordable!). So what’s our solution? Just forward your U.S. phone number through NumberGarage™ to your Skype® or Google Voice® phone number. It’s arguably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to stay in touch with your callers while you travel.

With this approach, your callers won’t know what country you’re in unless you tell them! This is because their call to you is still considered a local call. The down side….depending on where you’re living, you might be answering calls when you should be sleeping 🙂

Phoneius Landlineius

Phoneius Landlineius


Our Gannett owned local paper here in Nashville, Tennessee is the Tennessean. There was a recent letter to the editor on November 12, 2010, from Stephen Lewis of Murfreesboro, TN. He called his telephone “Phoneius Landlineius” which is a perfect name for the landline telephone. Cutting the cord is a trend that continues to gain momentum across the country, not just here in Middle Tennessee.

The current economic contraction has definitely increased the pace of landline loss and it does have major effects to telephone companies. Placing many telephone company balance sheets into a tailspin. Many people today are turning to SIP phone devices that plug into your computer or use your wifi connection for their phone needs in an effort to cut costs. NumberGarage’s customers want to keep their numbers, and then they just forward their callers to any number they choose. This is why we use the explanation of the “cloud” for where NumberGarage virtual numbers are. We have plenty of room for more numbers here in the garage.

The landline as Mr. Lewis says, is indeed a dinosaur. “Phoneius Landlineius” and the telcos that feed him have the same expression on their face as this dinosaur illustration above … fat and happy. It is a tragic situation indeed, because those who maintain the landlines today are in need of the subscribers to pay for their infrastructure.

NumberGarage advocates telephone number ownership. Our service provides confidence to number owners that their telephone number is safe, and the customer service is here to back it up.