IN on NumberGarage™ / OUT on Viber®

Here at NumberGarage™, we’re an inbound call service. There are some customers that have asked how they can make outbound calls using their NumberGarage™ phone number.

One easy way to do this is to register your NumberGarage™ phone number with Viber®—awesome app that lets its users text, talk and video chat for free anywhere in the world.

Once you register with Viber® using your NumberGarage™ phone number, Viber® will call with an authentication code. After your account is confirmed, you can make outbound calls through Viber® so that your NumberGarage™ phone number will appear on the caller ID of the person you’re calling.

Using Viber® with your NumberGarage™ phone number is just a bonus when you want to make calls using your NumberGarage™ phone number.

NG - Calls Out using NumberGarage phone number

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You will know when you need to PARK a phone number.

“When do you PARK a phone number?”

Or, “Why would I want to have a phone number with NO phone service?!” You will know when AND why at the time you need it. The customers who use NumberGarage™ services are full of their own reasons. We have customers with large phone number inventory (call us if you have over 100 phone numbers – pricing is based on volume). We have customers with one phone number they PARK and we have no reason why! We just want to make sure they have what they need from using our service, and we are grateful to be of service.

The garage is always full of phone numbers coming and going, porting in, and watching numbers port out. We have some customers who will be with us for years (as they already have). We have some who port in and port out as quickly as we say, “port complete.”

PARK is a NumberGarage™ service that is needed by those who use it. If you don’t need it, we are not trying to sell you the PARK service. We are not trying to sell you anything! We ARE trying to let people know about NumberGarage™ for the specific reason of remembering who we are.

“It is time to NumberGarage™ it!” Is what we want you to say.

Park, Forward, Connect.™

Reliability is crucial when dealing in phone numbers, and protecting phone number owners phone numbers.

Telecom Solutions For You

There are a lot of options out there these days to assist you with your home or small business telecom needs, and Jeff Heeren at explores many of those available to you. Included in his list:

PhoneTag, for transcribing voicemail
Google Voice, giving you one central number to provide for multiple devices
NumberGarage, to park or forward a phone number you already own
Tossable Digits, which provides you with a temporary phone number
Skype and Gizmo5, allowing international phone calls via the web
MagicJack, providing you with very affordable phone service

In the article, Jeff had this to say about NumberGarage:

What if you already have one number that people know you by? NumberGarage can forward callers to your Google Voice number, cell phone or other centralized telephone number. Where many companies pay Remote Call Forward fees to direct callers to centralized numbers, services like NumberGarage offers an affordable alternative. Users can own a number without forwarding calls, like owning a Web domain without a Web site.

If you have been curious about streamlining your telecommunications, these services provide a wide array of solutions, and would be a great place to start.