Top 5 Reasons to Think: NumberGarage™

We launched NumberGarage™ with PARK and FORWARD services in 2008 — well before we all spoke of “the cloud” (virtual hosting) with regard to hosted services.  Our Chief Mechanic couldn’t find a service to simply forward phone calls without a physical phone. So, he created NumberGarage™ because he just wanted calls to his home phone number to send to his wife’s cell phone.

We’re amazed by the many different reasons people need to manage their phone numbers. Consumers and businesses have very unique phone number management needs directly related to voice communication.

Here’s a list of the 5 most common reasons people use NumberGarage™ as a solution –

1)   Moving – Is there a landline or cell phone number you want to keep for life or just for now? Whether you decide to PARK a number or FORWARD your calls, never have to give out a new number again.

2)   Downsizing – From small business owners to major corporations, we help consolidate phone numbers so you won’t miss a single call, even as your telecom-related needs scale down.

3)   Investing – Did you know that phone numbers can have value? If you own a valuable area code such as a 212 NYC number, hold onto it!

4)   New Business – When competitors go out of business, buying up their old phone numbers is a great lead generation opportunity. When old customers call in, they still receive great service and you get a new customer at little to no cost! Or, before you close your business, call you competitor and sell them leads, or the number itself.

5)   International Travel – If you’re planning to travel for an extended amount of time, it can be challenging to stay in touch with loved ones affordably. With NumberGarage™, we offer a simple AND affordable solution—just port your number over to us and forward it to a free phone number service (Whats App, or Skype®, etc.). This makes it easy for friends and family to continue calling your local number to reach you anywhere in the world! When you get back home, just port away from NumberGarage™ to your carrier of choice.