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What is a “Virtual Number”?

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You can think of a virtual telephone number as a number in the cloud. When that number is called, the caller is directed to another telephone number where it is answered. This is known as a remote call forward (RCF), and exactly what NumberGarage’s “Forward” service can do for you.

There are many reasons to turn your current landline, or cell phone number into a virtual number. You might want to save money, or consolidate callers to your exisiting cellular number. You might even move from one side of the country to another, and you want callers to continue to reach you.

We have recently seen a lot of small to medium sized businesses using the NumberGarage service. We are built for consumer use, and save our customers on average $50 a month from what they were paying for traditional landline services.

Wikipedia has a great definition of what a virtual number is here.

One of the best uses of our service we have seen is a plumbing company who has been buying telephone numbers from plumbing companies who go out of business, or vanity numbers having to do with plumbing terms. This entity has seen business grow with centralizing calls to their receptionist. We really do like to know how our customers use the NumberGarage service. Tell us your story.