What’s Your Phone Number Worth?

Phone numbers are valuable! Want some proof? Here are some of the world’s most expensive phone numbers:

  India, 2007: Phone Number 978-000-0000 sells at auction for $32,000

   USA, 2009:  867-5309, made famous by Tommy Tutone’s 1982 hit “Jenny” sells on ebay for $186,853.09.

File:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg   China, 2003: Sichuan airlines pays $280,000 for 8888-8888.

   Quatar, 2006: An anonymous bidder pays the world record price of $2.75 million for the phone number 666-6666 at a charity auction.

Even if you didn’t pay nearly 3 million smackers for your phone number, you still know what a hassle it is to change your digits, or how convenient it can be to have the same home phone number for 15, 20 or 30 years. NumberGarage™ knows how valuable your number is to you, and we work hard to make sure you hang onto it!