When Area Codes Run Dry

What happens when phone numbers run out in an area code? The area code in our hometown of Nashville, TN is (615). This area code has been used for Middle Tennessee phone numbers since 1954, and the available phone numbers for NEW subscribers will run out in two years or 2015. A NEW area code is needed, and the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA) that decides the fate of what to do is making it difficult on themselves by creating a survey to determine what to do. NumberGarage™ would make the decision that ALL new subscribers receive the NEW area code. Keep reading and see what Option Two is proposing!!!

  • Option one involves an Overlay. An overlay would permit retention of all current 615 numbers, but require 10-digit dialing for local calls within the 615 area. All new subscribers would receive the new area code.
  • Option two involves a Split. Under a split, seven-digit dialing of local calls would remain within the area code, but would require approximately half of wireless and landline customers within the current area code to change their telephone numbers.

Here is the official document outlining this proposal.

All of the businesses in the (615) area code that could be faced with having a NEW phone number forced upon them would NOT be happy. It just does not make sense to force a NEW phone number on a business whose identity is their phone number.

The many fax numbers, cell phone numbers, landline numbers, DSL numbers that use phone numbers issued each day to NEW customers should just have the NEW area code given to them.

If you choose to use NumberGarage you are doing so because your phone number has VALUE to you, or your business. It is important to receive phone calls (or faxes), and NumberGarage™ was created for you specifically. Well, it was created to protect the ownership of a phone number.

You will know when to NumberGarage your phone number and we will be here for you when you are ready.