America Unwired

The Economist’s recent article on the condition of the life remaining for landline telephone service is sad. The article starts off like this, “IF YOU want to save money, cut the cord. In these difficult times ever more Americans are heeding this advice and dropping their telephone landlines in favour of mobile phones.”

There are basically 16 years remaining for the landline telephone. The article states, “one in four households has now gone mobile-only. At current rates the last landline in America will be disconnected sometime in 2025.” If you ask anyone under thirty what their home telephone number is, you are most likely to get the answer, “this is my only number.”

Why would you pay for multiple telephone lines? One for your cellular, and one for your home phone. It does become a burden over time to check multiple voicemails. This is one of the benefits of using NumberGarage. The callers to your landline telephone number, (or cellular telephone number) have no clue that the physical phone does not exist anymore.

NumberGarage is seamless, affordable and functional.