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Ok, we’ve organized our plan, proposals, administrative and legal structure, we’re almost there. We just need to set up a business phone system and a seamless website, with corresponding email addresses, ASAP!” 

If you’ve ever found yourself in this conversation and thought “oh, that’s all” with a tinge of dread, we relate. Nailing down the nuts and bolts of your communications might feel daunting. At NumberGarage, we understand the demands and details of a growing business. Marketable (and reliable) phone numbers, automated voice & messaging, and websites underlie the viability, visibility, and accessibility of your company. 

Maintaining momentum is critical as you materialize your vision. But if you’ve ever compiled a website from scratch, you know the inevitable bottleneck (and costs) of finding the right hosting, designer, developer, and content producer to meet your needs. 

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We want to help alleviate some of your small business burdens wherever we can. That’s why we’re elated to introduce you to DomainSpot, a sister company of NumberGarage. DomainSpot is the perfect companion to help you quickly bolster your brand and catalyze your concept. 

Domains, Websites and Email

Let DomainSpot fetch you a perfect domain name, create a professional email, and help you easily build a compelling custom website

DomainSpot’s experienced development team tailored DomainSpot specifically for  solopreneurs, creatives, and small / medium businesses like yours. They streamlined and simplified this process for those of us who need only the essentials, with no coding or technical skills required. 

DomainSpot includes only the most fundamental features needed to quickly launch a website and start communicating with clients. 

Get your new business idea off the ground in no time with:  

  • Domain hosting, parking, and forwarding.
  • Professional domain email that includes your domain. 
  • Intuitive website builder with stunning, customizable templates. 
  • Access to a global domain marketplace.

Don’t get tangled up with complicated domain hosting and confusing email configuration. Unleash your potential right now with DomainSpot’s straightforward, affordable, ala carte or all-in-one options. 

Search and Find the Perfect Domain Name

Find your unique domain name, park it or forward it while you craft your site. And if you already have an existing or unused domain name that you previously purchased for another venture, don’t let it go to waste. You might have gone a different direction, but that domain name has potentially retained its value. Consider reselling it. DomainSpot gives you:

  • Access to the world’s largest domain name marketplace and reseller network.
  • Visibility – let’s your domain name be seen at top registrars and domain resellers.
  • Over 100 reseller sites.
  • Over 75 million qualified searches each month.

Do-it-Yourself Website Builder

Effortlessly construct a captivating modern site with DomainSpot’s array of breathtaking and responsive templates. Simply replace the colors, text and images – no advanced design or development expertise necessary. Insert contact forms, social media icon links, additional pages and more with just a few clicks.  

Avoid expensive and time-consuming web design and development delays. DomainSpot makes it easy for anyone to publish their website in just a few minutes or hours, not days and months. 

At NumberGarage, we believe that “behind every number is a beautiful idea, person or opportunity.” Set your idea free with DomainSpot and start sharing your purpose with the world today. 

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~ DomainSpot – Your faithful and loyal, domain and website-building best friend.