Simultaneous ring routes calls to your entire team from a single business number.

Never miss a client call

When in-person options are limited, finding efficient solutions to engage customers is critical. With exponential increases in remote work and mobile staff operations, your NumberGarage account offers options. What is simultaneous ring and how does it improve your communications? 

The simultaneous ring option multiplies your call forwarding capacities. It allows calls from a single business number to forward to multiple numbers at the same time, instead of just one. 

Does your small business team work from multiple locations? You can assure that important calls from clients or customers receive the immediate attention they need. 

Utilizing the simultaneous ring option also helps to more evenly distribute work amongst your team. This alleviates heavy volumes of calls from just one individual. 

User Groups

Maximize your team’s responsiveness to client calls by creating multiple groups from your NumberGarage account users. You can then assign those groups to different phone numbers. Users can be in more than one group.

The simultaneous ring will automatically stop after a user accepts the call. A brief audio message announces the call when a user picks up. To accept the call, the user presses “1”. This ensures two things: that the call doesn’t get interrupted by the user’s cell phone voicemail, and that the user didn’t answer the call by accident. If no one in your team’s user group accepts the call, it will automatically direct to your NumberGarage voicemail. 

Don’t worry about stepping out of the office or away from your desk. Calls will forward to any number you assign to a user in your group. 

Combine with Other NumberGarage Features

Schedule your calls to forward to your assigned user group team members after business hours, or for weekends, holidays or emergencies. Set-up multiple groups with simultaneous ring during or after business hours to create alternating schedules for on-call team members and staff. 

Pro Tip: Concerned about your staff response time? Turn call answer times into a friendly, internal competition. Incentivize your users to quickly engage the call – offering perks or incentives for team members with the most or the fastest call pickup. Dial-in your customer service with a coaching plan, or consider other great options for eliminating customer call time

Simultaneous Ring Use Case Examples:

Taking advantage of the simultaneous ring feature can benefit a variety of scenarios. For instance, a guest recently visited a church facility and then carpooled with friends to a local restaurant after the service. The guest unknowingly parked in an area that later got locked after the service. The church facilities department didn’t know who the car belonged to and had no way to notify the guest about the locked parking lot. When the guest returned, they called the phone number posted on the door of the church. The call then forwarded to multiple off-site staff. A staff member answered and returned to unlock the lot. 

The simultaneous ring feature can help your staff immediately interact with clients or crises. If your company or organization offers an emergency hotline, setting up simultaneous ring will equip your staff to connect to calls from anywhere. For instance, non-profit organizations working in behavioral health, etc., frequently use simultaneous ring for supervisors to rapidly assist staff encountering an urgent client crisis. Hotlines also enable staff members to provide clients with essential care, from anywhere, at any hour.

Companies utilizing a dispatch, like towing or plumbing businesses, use simultaneous ring as a crucial part of their dispatch operations. Reaching team members in multiple locales, under time-sensitive circumstances, helps keep customers confident that they’ll receive the right assistance as quickly as possible. 

Accessible and Invaluable

Managing multiple tasks at a time? Solopreneurs and small business owners appreciate the convenience of receiving simultaneous ring from both a landline and a cell phone. Staying immediately accessible to leads and clients offers invaluable opportunities.

Countless uses make simultaneous ring invaluable. Don’t overlook this fundamental feature. Empower your team to meet your customer’s needs faster. Here’s more on how to set up simultaneous ring in your NumberGarage account.