Tune Up Your Communications in 2020

Our dev team has been under the hood working on some new upgrades for NumberGarage in 2020. We’ve developed a simple phone solution to unify your small business team and communications. Manage calls, voicemail and text through a single business phone number. In fact, we think it’s the industry’s easiest to use virtual business phone service.

Our system will simplify your team communications and connect your gig to the thing that matters most – your customers. And there’s no new hardware or phones to buy. It simply works with our app on your mobile phone, or in your web browser.

Create the perfect phone service for your mobile office gig

Select a memorable and personalized custom business phone number
With access to over 50 million phone numbers, finding a memorable vanity number for your brand is almost a sure thing. Pair it up with our professional features to get the perfect combo for your growing venture.

Design a custom call routing schedule for your business calls
Our simple setup allows you to direct customer calls to the correct team member, group or message during the business hours you configure. Your schedule automatically routes calls and is easily updated.

Boost potential customer confidence with professional calling features
Today’s consumers expect a business to handle communications through calls as well as text. We’ve got both along with automated business menus to direct their questions to the correct location with a key press on their phone. With NumberGarage, you get all that and more through a simple virtual business phone system.

Assign phone number management to business team members
Give your team access to receive calls, place calls and manage business voicemail and text. You decide what phone numbers they can access, manage and use. Each team member can download our app and manage directly from their mobile phone.

Grow your small business and the service grows with you
Expand your NumberGarage account with additional phone numbers (toll free and local), team users or admin users to manage your system so you can get back to focusing on the business.

A business number custom fit for you

If 2020 is your year to start that small business, come and take a look around the garage. Kick the tires and see what we have to offer. This may be the jump start you need to get in the fast lane.