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Starter Kit includes one Admin User and one phone number. Add users and phone numbers at any time after sign up. One Admin User and one phone number required for all accounts.

All accounts are subject to state and local taxes (where applicable) as well as the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee imposed by the FCC. There are no contracts. Service is month to month and can be cancelled at anytime. Please review fair use policies and restrictions for unlimited use in our terms of service.

Phone Number Options

Port In

Already have a great phone number? Transfer that number to NumberGarage and use it with our service. We can accept most wireless and landline phone numbers from the US and Canada.

Number transfers have a one-time port fee of $5.

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Buy New

Need a new phone number? With access to over 50 million phone numbers, finding a memorable vanity, branded or easy-dial local or toll free number for your small business is almost a sure thing.

New numbers have a one-time activation fee starting at $5.

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Crew Role Comparison

  Admin User* Team User
Edit contact & billing info  
Add & manage numbers  
Add & manage users  
Add & manage menus, schedules, groups  
Edit User settings
Place & receive calls
Access voicemail
Send & receive text
Mobile app

*One Admin User and one phone number required for all accounts.

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