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NumberGarage offers the industry's easiest to use virtual phone system designed to support your gig, your needs and your budget.

And this dedicated business phone number works with your existing cell phone service.

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Professional calling features

Keep business calls separate

A dedicated business phone number

Find a phone number that is local to your customer base by state, city or area code, or create a customized vanity phone number with keywords that match your brand or business. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your number will work for you as your most dedicated resource. You'll own the number. Move it and keep it for the life of your business.

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Direct business calls to the right place...automatically

With a simple finger press on a key, you can send callers exactly where you need them to go: forward to your cell phone, direct to voicemail, or an audio message. With up to 10 keys to program, you'll have no problem having our auto attendant menu direct callers for you.

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Keep business voicemail and text separate

Voicemail and text messages to your NumberGarage number are accessed in your account or via email, separate from your personal communications allowing you to easily manage business conversations.

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Return calls, but protect your privacy

Place calls showing your NumberGarage phone number as outbound caller ID. We'll connect your call using your existing phone service (cell phone, work phone, home phone), or directly in your computer's browser using Wifi. Recipients will see your NumberGarage phone number as the incoming caller ID.

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Set your work hours so after-hours calls are automatically handled

Build a schedule of your weekly business hours and after hours calls are automatically routed as you design. Send to voicemail, a message or your after hours team. Your number will continue to work, even when you're not.

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Add phone numbers and team members as the business grows

Your success doesn't mean you've outgrown our system. Simply add phone numbers (toll free and local) and/or users to manage your system so you can get back to focusing on your business.

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Gig Entrepreneur

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Gig Entrepreneur

1 Admin user
1 Phone number
Call forwarding
Text messaging
Auto attendant menu
Call logs
Call blocking
Outbound dialing

Service is subject to state and local taxes (where applicable) as well as the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee imposed by the FCC. Port in fee is $5 per number. New phone number setup fee starts at $5 per number. There are no contracts. Service is month to month and can be cancelled at anytime. Terms of service applies to all accounts.

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