With the NumberGarage app placing an outbound call

Outbound Calling

Return calls showing your business phone number as caller ID

Keep your personal number separate from your business calls

Use your current phone or web browser to place outbound calls and show your business phone number as Caller ID. Callers see your selected NumberGarage phone number as incoming Caller ID.

Your business number as caller ID

How outbound calling works


Enter your callback number

Put in your existing phone number you want to use to place the outbound call.


Dial the phone number

On our keypad, enter the phone number you want to call.


Answer and be connected

Our system calls your callback number. Answer it and we connect your call.

Advanced outbound calling tip

We'll connect your call using your existing phone service (callback mode), or directly in your computer's browser using Wifi (VoIP mode).

Take off with NumberGarage

Simple virtual business phone number calling

  • Keep your personal phone number private
  • Show your business number when returning calls
  • All users can use the same business number on their mobile phone app.
  • All calls are logged in your account call logs

Additional Features


Manage business calls, voicemail and text through a separate business phone number on your mobile phone.

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