all calls are recorded in your call logs

Call Logs

A record of all calls to and from your business numbers

A detailed report of all call activity for your business numbers.

All incoming and outgoing calls are logged in your account and show date, time, user, the number that was dialed, who called and for how long. You can sort by billing period, phone number, user and/or type of call.

call being forwared to your NumberGarage phone number

How call logs work


Receive or place a call

All call activity in your NumberGarage account is logged.


View your account logs

Each call will have it's own entry and call data


Sort to find what you need

Use the sorting options to find specific dates or calls.

Advanced call logs tip

Call logs are stored in your account, but you are able to download them as a .csv file to review, save or plug them into your spreadsheet app to analyze.

Take off with NumberGarage

Detailed records of all your business phone number activity.

  • Logs of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Listen to and read voicemail messages
  • Downloadable logs so you can save and analyze
  • Add calls to your blocked list with a click
  • Call back with a click using our outbound calling feature

Additional Features


Manage business calls, voicemail and text through a separate business phone number on your mobile phone.

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