after hours calls handled by schedule


Schedules handle incoming business calls based on the time of day

Set your business hours and after-hours calls are automatically handled.

Build a weekly schedule of your business hours and route calls during those times to your default setting. Any hours that fall outside of your business schedule (after-hours), can be configured to forward calls to your after-hours location.

Calls can be sent to a single phone number, a group of users, an audio message, an automated menu or direct to an after-hours voicemail. Your number will continue to work, even when you're not.

Your business calls handled 24 hours a day 7 days a week

How business schedules work


Set weekly hours

Choose business hours for each day of the week.


Set routing options

Configure where business hours and after-hours calls are directed.


Time of day routes calls

Based on when they call, callers will be sent to your set location.

Advanced schedule tip

You can create and save multiple schedules. Create a holiday or vacation schedule that can quickly and easily be turned on when needed.

Take off with NumberGarage

Make sure customers get what they need 24/7.

  • Calls won't go unanswered when you're not working
  • Schedules are easily adjusted and saved instantly.
  • Saved schedules allow for quick changes on holidays or time off.
  • Send calls to different team members based on time of day.

Additional Features


Manage business calls, voicemail and text through a separate business phone number on your mobile phone.

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