voicemail with transcription

Business Voicemail

Separate business from personal voicemail and easily manage customer conversations

Voicemail for you and your entire team

Each phone number and user in your account has their own personalized voicemail "box". Messages are kept in your web account call logs and in the mobile app. Messages can also be sent to the designated email address as an audio file. You can listen to and download the message from within the email.

Voicemail messages are transcribed

Your voicemail messages are automatically converted to text so you can read them. This allows you to quickly and easily get your messages without having to listen. Transcriptions are kept in your call logs, in-app in the voicemail tab, and can be sent to your email.

Access your voicemail on the app or web

How business voicemail works


Record your greeting

Upload your own custom voicemail greeting or record one over the phone.


Turn on voicemail

Set calls to go direct to voicemail, or pick up after a set number of seconds.


Get notifications

Any new messages will be sent to you in an email and stored in your call logs.

Advanced voicemail tip

If you have voicemail service on your forwarding number, you may need to adjust the ring time before the call goes to your business voicemail. This will prevent business calls from going to your personal voicemail.

Take off with NumberGarage

Separate voicemail that is easy to access.

  • Create personalized outgoing greetings.
  • Quickly and easily read your voicemail messages.
  • Download messages as audio files and save them.
  • No voicemail system to call in to check messages.
  • Customers won't get a "mailbox full" message.

Additional Features


Manage business calls, voicemail and text through a separate business phone number on your mobile phone.

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Overhaul your communications

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