Landline Phones Going Away in Homes, But Businesses Too?!

You may be reading this post because you are searching for alternate solutions for your phone number. The NumberGarage virtual phone number, remote call forward service is intentionally simple. PARK is for phone numbers you do not want to use today, but might want to activate again later. FORWARD is for sending callers to any other U.S. based phone number.

We read an article recently (here) where retail businesses are dropping their landline too! This is surprising to us because the caller can be the lifeline to revenue for many businesses. It is a pleasant surprise to see retail businesses say, “No” to phone calls by removing the phone service from their businesses. This action tells the customer that they are MORE important than callers. We think businesses who drop their landline are missing out on marketing opportunities. It might be better to send callers to canned advertising messages.

The trends with virtual phone numbers are always growing. Machines talking to machines, smartphone Apps masking caller identities like Über does with “dummy numbers” (article about Über’s use of virtual phone numbers here), and we could go on-and-on with various use case scenarios.  We have learned from our customers how our simple NumberGarage FORWARD service helps simplify their lives saving them money too. We have seen growing trends of virtual phone number use as Americans continue to “cut the cord” by dropping their landline phone. They are letting their number go away forever (until reactivated by the phone company). Our customer’s who choose to lose the landline, but maintain callers choose NumberGarage FORWARD service.

Here is a good article about what to know before cutting the cord, here.

Ready to cancel that landline?

(update 6/2022) Now that NumberGarage has upgraded to a virtual business phone service to manage business calls, text and voicemail, check out our sister company NumberBarn. They offer simple parking and call forwarding of your landline phone number. If you have questions, contact their support team to understand more about dropping your landline and keeping your number.