Want To Make a Smart Business Decision? Cut the Cord!

Today, most businesses have their workforce on mobile phones that the business pays for. These companies often pay for landline phone service on their workforce desks too!

We’ve found that our business clients have a difficult time making the decision to “cut the cord” with regard to their old landline phone systems due to a fear of lost revenue from phone numbers on business cards, listing services (i.e. yellow pages), advertisements, etc. While we understand their concerns, we feel that the benefits greatly outweigh the risk.

So what are the benefits? In most cases, the primary reason to cut the cord is the related expense. Savings of $600 annually ($50/mo. on average) is a great reason to let the landline phone service go! On the business side, savings can be exponential. For example, we recently helped one of our business clients save more than $45,000 annually by pulling their office phones into NumberGarage™ and forwarding those calls to company-paid cell phones.

Do you still have a landline phone at home or at work? If so, it might be time to cut the cord…

Office worker with two phones