To PARK, or to FORWARD … that is the ________ (dilemma)?

Do you own your phone number?

Of course you do!  Just like you own your home … until you sell it, or it is sold for you because you are just too old (or senile) to take care of it anymore. It may be that time of life for you and you will know when to NumberGarage™ your phone number, or help your parents or loved one know about NumberGarage™ PARK or FORWARD services. A phone number is important to you for so many reasons. You may not know what to do with your number, you just want the calls to be answered. Our advice is to NumberGarage™ it, and decide what to do later. Port out anytime with no silly fees for doing so — we are an intentionally simple service for you to use whenever you want.

When life changes, and you are told you can’t keep your phone number – AND – you are faced with the decision to have to cancel phone service … you should NumberGarage™ it!

You might not know it now, but you will know when to NumberGarage™ your phone number(s).

We often hear, “Why would I want to PARK my phone number?” We have two (2) service features, PARK & FORWARD. There are so many reasons to PARK a phone number, and our customers have shared their story to show us how and why they NumberGarage™ PARK their telephone number. The NumberGarage™ PARK service is a service that allows you to keep a telephone number for later use. Like a savings account down at the bank … you save a dollar to be used later. The NumberGarage™ FORWARD service just sends callers to any other US based telephone number.

Here are some reasons of why someone would NumberGarage™ their phone number”

NumberGarage™ PARK: 

When moving to another location, have you just wanted to keep that old phone number? Many say, “No.” There are those who say yes, and they found us, and they love NumberGarage™.

This is also the time to find opportunity with your telephone number. The phone numbers that are good, and are just way too good to let go are perfect numbers to NumberGarage™. We have a customer who owns a plumbing company, and he owns many phone numbers under the NumberGarage™ FORWARD service, and all phone numbers are related to his business. He has purchased all the “GOT-LEAK” phone numbers in his immediate and surrounding area codes. He has other strategies related to phone numbers too. Our advice, if your number spells something, check out to see if you have value with your phone number. Remember to NumberGarage™ it when you need to.

NumberGarage™ FORWARD: 

The process of downsizing a home of many years, and moving to another location far away or even close by can be difficult to leave a number behind. Many people have been told you can’t take your number with you.

How will you make sure your parents stay connected to their lives if your parents, or even yourself find the opportunity to downsize a long-time home? Or, what it you have to downsize quickly and move into a long term are facility? A phone number is our lifeline to our people, and when it is known by many people you can’t just stop service “cold turkey!” NumberGarage™ FORWARD service is the right plan for you if you are concerned about not having time to update all the callers to your number of your NEW phone number.

We are here when you want to NumberGarage™ your number.

Park, Forward, Connect.™

You will know when you need to PARK a phone number.

“When do you PARK a phone number?”

Or, “Why would I want to have a phone number with NO phone service?!” You will know when AND why at the time you need it. The customers who use NumberGarage™ services are full of their own reasons. We have customers with large phone number inventory (call us if you have over 100 phone numbers – pricing is based on volume). We have customers with one phone number they PARK and we have no reason why! We just want to make sure they have what they need from using our service, and we are grateful to be of service.

The garage is always full of phone numbers coming and going, porting in, and watching numbers port out. We have some customers who will be with us for years (as they already have). We have some who port in and port out as quickly as we say, “port complete.”

PARK is a NumberGarage™ service that is needed by those who use it. If you don’t need it, we are not trying to sell you the PARK service. We are not trying to sell you anything! We ARE trying to let people know about NumberGarage™ for the specific reason of remembering who we are.

“It is time to NumberGarage™ it!” Is what we want you to say.

Park, Forward, Connect.™

Reliability is crucial when dealing in phone numbers, and protecting phone number owners phone numbers.

AT&T GoPhone® with LTE, T-Mobile with “No Contracts”, What Next?

SIMPLE is, what Simple does! The NumberGarage™ Team likes “simple” because there is less confusion. We also rule by common sense, and common sense can only be present with transparency. It appears that the BIG telephone companies that we all love, or hate, or don’t care either way have found success in what makes small businesses successful — the ability to use common sense!

T-Mobile announced in April 2013 that the “Early Termination Fee” (ETF) was a thing of the past in their business model. This is an awesome quote by their CEO, John T. Legere, “If we suck this month, drop us. Go somewhere else.” CHEERS! To you Mr. Legere! NumberGarage™ does not have any termination fees, and we have been a month-to-month service since 2008. We have also ported many a T-Mobile phone number to, and we will continue to refer our customers to T-Mobile when they port-out of NumberGarage™ as well.

AT&T announced May 24, 2013 their PCWorld / TechHive Awardeed Top Spot LTE network is available for their GoPhone® product! Wait! PrePaid cellular has LTE access! It looks like AT&T is jumping into the common sense business too. AT&T has invested $98 billion into its operations over the past five years, and with this kind of PrePaid friendly business with access to the fastest wireless network available might mean conversions of sales are in their favor. If you want to meet your analyst numbers, you must have NEW customers.

The only disconnect for AT&T is the fact the LTE for GoPhone® access is for NEW customers ONLY. This is where NumberGarage™ comes into value. Port your old cell phone number to and go get a NEW GoPhone® with LTE. You will be able to forward your calls easily from your old cell phone number to your new AT&T GoPhone® number using FORWARD service.

Vertical Service Codes, or CLASS Codes

Telephones can do so many things for us in regard to managing our communication. The Vertical Service Code (VSC) is the technical name for the code we press for a telephone function. As an example, Caller ID Privacy is “star six-seven,” or “*67.” Dialing a star is easier than pressing “one-one” or “11.” The star in this case is also an asterisk, but we have always called this symbol a “star” for obvious reasons – it looks like a star. Therefore, it is “star” and dialing “six-seven” afterword blocked your identity before you dial a phone number. These functions are also called, “star codes.”

AT&T coined the phrase, “CLASS CODES™” to explain these telephone functions or services. CLASS is an acronym for Custom Local Area Signaling Services, and you almost have to take a class to understand CLASS codes and what they all do.

AT&T then trademarked the word, “CLASS Codes™” that is the acronym to explain these telephony functions. Then, someone with the North American Numbering Plan Administration chose to explain these CLASS codes as, “Vertical Service Codes” to avoid the use of the Trademarked word, “CLASS.” They were not going to pay AT&T to use this word, and therefore they changed the name.

There was not much uniformity in telco back in the day, and various Switch manufacturers wanted to differentiate themselves. So some programed their switches to use the “hash” or “hashtag” as it is popularly known now. Also called the “pound key” too. Dialing, 72# was the same as dialing, *72 for call forwarding. What is interesting is these codes will forward phone calls, *72, #72, 1172, and 72#. They all do the same thing if you dial  # before a code the code technically NOT a Vertical Service Code like *72, or 1172 are.

You do not have to dial a VSC to use the NumberGarage™ FORWARD service. We assume you have more than one phone number, and you might be in need of simplifying your communication.

NumberGarage™, Drop your landline, keep your number.

WOW. It’s been a whole year since I last posted to this blog.

Because 2012 was a Leap Year, it’s been exactly 366 days since I announced on this blog that we had received our Better Business Bureau GOLD SEAL, which validates our excellent customer service. But 366 days is embarrassing.

As an innovator and marketer, I know the power of marketing – especially that of social media – and I definitely know better than to let this important part of the NumberGarage™ brand not have a brand conversation. But, in my defense, I have not revisited this blog because we here at NumberGarage™ have been DAMN BUSY processing customer orders and getting ready for our next phase. And I gotta tell ya, it’s an exciting, multi-faceted phase, that will take NumberGarage™ and our simple, customer-service-driven platform to a whole new level. (But we’ll never do away with our common-sense approach to customer service. That’s a promise!)

We are about to make a big turn into the next phase of our NumberGarage™ existence. We are excited to deliver a better workflow. Our ALPHA code schema is a major improvement from our BETA code stack.

Our coder team is led by the talented and fearless coder Mr. Calvin Froedge, who has been working diligently with a focus on the right way – instead of the fastest way — on the NumberGarage™ API. Ms. Kimberly Johnson, Sr. Port Administrator does such an amazing job that we think she has replicated herself somehow.

First and foremost, our entire website has been overhauled. New fonts, new graphics, a new user interface, a more streamlined purchase experience: these are the first of many new and exciting things going on here in the NumberGarage™.

Our people are now developing a host of new and oft-requested services that you, our customer have asked us to provide to you as NEW brands, and entities that are soon to be coming your way – but before we get ahead of ourselves, we would not be here without the current team: the amazing and talented and innovative men and women behind the curtain here at NumberGarage™, dreaming up ways to keep you connected to the world while keeping your phone number (yes, it’s yours, not the phone company’s) in your arsenal of contact information while allowing you to downsize the actual number of phones in your possession. Or, in some business use cases having many more phone numbers can increase calls, and thus increase conversions.

Over the past four years we have studied every aspect of our NumberGarage™ product offering and customer experience. We listened to what our customers have asked for, and we took copious notes with what solutions we provided. We have been in a BETA for the past four years because we wanted to learn from our customers. We were not in a hurry to raise money and waste money. We know how to help our customer, and we know how to grow our business, and now, the time has come to take NumberGarage to the next level.

We look forward to sharing the exciting details with you and NO, it won’t be another whole year before we do so! Reach out to us and let us know what YOU want to do with your number. Our ask us how to solve your dilemma related to phone call management, or phone numbers in general. We sincerely thank you (our) customers, and appreciate their choice you made to use our service.

Thank you NumberGarage™ Customer(s).


All the best to you,

Jeff Heeren, Chief Mechanic & Founder

America! Let it be known …

NumberGarage Better Business Bureau 2011 - 2013

NumberGarage is one of 5,000 proud members of the Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky. We are consumer focused, and appreciate our customers so much that we support our Better Business Bureau®, and community.

Our Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky was recognized in 2011 by Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper. The recognition of 50 years is now officially recorded in the 112th Congressional Record.

We really like this recent quote from Bob Van Cleave, 2011/12 Chairman of the BBB® Board of Directors, “It emphasizes that deeply held principles of truth in advertising, fair play, taking care of your customers and simply doing the right thing is as important today as it was in 1961.”

If you have had your telephone number since 1961, the NumberGarage Team can put that phone number in the garage too!

This BBB® recognition is worth mentioning to both our NumberGarage customers, and our potential NumberGarage customers. We are proud members of the BBB®, and we are proud that the BBB® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky embrace online engagement. An amazing stat is that our BBB® Leaders process 98% of all communication through the internet. NumberGarage believes that e-commerce business practices are identical to the brick and mortar experience. Our support of our BBB® is our way of showing you before you buy our services.

As our BBB® celebrates its 50th year, we thought this was cool too; over the past five decades there are 50 Charter Members of the BBB® of Middle Tennessee & Southern Kentucky that remain Accredited Businesses today.

Real Estate Professionals Save Money Forwarding Calls

NumberGarage has seen an influx of Real Estate Agents using our remote call forward service. The cost savings have been significant in most cases. Many of these new NumberGarage customers have been working to curb expenses for many reasons. They just want to save some money and keep their business systems as usual. Plus, what do you think the value of a telephone number is for a long time Real Estate agent? They must keep all phone numbers they have to stay accessible to their clients.

Real Estate agents are mobile, and in the field working harder than ever before. Even when they are in their office they are using their mobile phone.

All of the agents we have spoken to have always forwarded their calls from their office to their cell phone anyway. Call forwarding is certainly not a new concept, and they know the value of their telephone number. A couple of agents felt tethered to the office because of the phone system. We know they are always calling their office voicemail to check messages. Their telephone number is their identity, and they do their best to answer every single call.

NumberGarage has provided a cost savings with the same function they have grown accustomed to – forwarding calls, answering calls, and ensuring their clients have access to them for their real estate needs.

Instead of a $50 monthly telephone expense for an office line, and a cell phone expense that is easily $100 a month has taken its toll. Real Estate agents know the value of connectivity with email, their telephone number(s), and their office location. They cannot afford to completely remove any one of these expenses. Therefore, using NumberGarage for forwarding phone calls, or call forwarding is just one of many ways to save money.

NumberGarage represents a monthly expense for phone call forwarding of $9.95 per month (check out our pricing here). The average agent phone bill is $50 per month. These Real Estate agents are now saving on average $40 a month. That $480 annual SAVINGS NumberGarage has provided can now be allocated to other expenses associated with their profession.

Local number portability allows for the movement of your telephone number from one service provider to another. The Real Estate agents we have talked to have appreciated the simplicity of the NumberGarage service provides them. Calls forwarding from their office number to their cellular telephone number is seamless. The caller or client in most cases does not know the agent is on their cell phone, because the caller called the office number.

NumberGarage makes it easy to port a number to our service. As we submit the port request to the current telephone service provider. When the telephone number is released to NumberGarage our system is already programmed to forward the callers to the telephone number on record in the NumberGarage account. The agents we spoke with like the ease of updating their FORWARD to number in their NumberGarage account.

If you have interest in our service, let us know if we can answer any questions you may have. We are glad that we can provide such a valuable service to our many customers.


-The NumberGarage Team

Phoneius Landlineius

Phoneius Landlineius


Our Gannett owned local paper here in Nashville, Tennessee is the Tennessean. There was a recent letter to the editor on November 12, 2010, from Stephen Lewis of Murfreesboro, TN. He called his telephone “Phoneius Landlineius” which is a perfect name for the landline telephone. Cutting the cord is a trend that continues to gain momentum across the country, not just here in Middle Tennessee.

The current economic contraction has definitely increased the pace of landline loss and it does have major effects to telephone companies. Placing many telephone company balance sheets into a tailspin. Many people today are turning to SIP phone devices that plug into your computer or use your wifi connection for their phone needs in an effort to cut costs. NumberGarage’s customers want to keep their numbers, and then they just forward their callers to any number they choose. This is why we use the explanation of the “cloud” for where NumberGarage virtual numbers are. We have plenty of room for more numbers here in the garage.

The landline as Mr. Lewis says, is indeed a dinosaur. “Phoneius Landlineius” and the telcos that feed him have the same expression on their face as this dinosaur illustration above … fat and happy. It is a tragic situation indeed, because those who maintain the landlines today are in need of the subscribers to pay for their infrastructure.

NumberGarage advocates telephone number ownership. Our service provides confidence to number owners that their telephone number is safe, and the customer service is here to back it up.

What is a “Virtual Number”?

© Joe Gough -

You can think of a virtual telephone number as a number in the cloud. When that number is called, the caller is directed to another telephone number where it is answered. This is known as a remote call forward (RCF), and exactly what NumberGarage’s “Forward” service can do for you.

There are many reasons to turn your current landline, or cell phone number into a virtual number. You might want to save money, or consolidate callers to your exisiting cellular number. You might even move from one side of the country to another, and you want callers to continue to reach you.

We have recently seen a lot of small to medium sized businesses using the NumberGarage service. We are built for consumer use, and save our customers on average $50 a month from what they were paying for traditional landline services.

Wikipedia has a great definition of what a virtual number is here.

One of the best uses of our service we have seen is a plumbing company who has been buying telephone numbers from plumbing companies who go out of business, or vanity numbers having to do with plumbing terms. This entity has seen business grow with centralizing calls to their receptionist. We really do like to know how our customers use the NumberGarage service. Tell us your story.

Dangling Phone Numbers

How many telephone numbers do you have? In my family we personally have three telephone numbers: Home Telephone Number and two Cellular Telephones. We do have the home telephone number forwarding to my wife’s cell phone. We are now saving money each month, and continue to capture calls to the home phone. I recently came across a Blog posting, of a telephony expert who had the same issue, and he named his post, “Dangling Phone Numbers”.

Peter Radizeski has served in telecom since 1999, and understands telephone service providers. He wrote a Blog post on TMCnet about NumberGarage and we thought we would share that with you here.

We are amazed at the way our customers use the NumberGarage service. The feedback we receive tells us that customers today seek flexibility, and function. As we continue to focus on customer service, we know our NumberGarage customers will continue to provide unique reasons to use our service.